Software Development

You will receive innovative solutions that will improve your work processes. You will be accompanied along the whole process of development, commercialization, and implementation of the project.

Our engineers are qualified and familiar with programming tools and languages such as .Net (C#, Visual Basic, ASP) PHP, AJAX, Cake PHP, Ruby on Rails, SQLServer, MySQL, Java. To ensure a quality end-product as well as ensure a successful project and increase customer satisfaction we utilize best practices ( PMBOK). Our clientele includes small business as well as Government offices and Industrial Companies.

Evolución IT offers software development along with biometric devices, Mobile devices, PLC, and others. Competitive pricing, fast time response, and extra services (support, training, personalized services and designs)

App Development And Web Development

Our engineering team is ready and capable of designing and managing your website. Evolución IT has the tools and experience to create a website beyond your expectations, it may include among others:

  • Apps For Mobile Devices
  • Web Pages With Animations
  • Unique Design To Fit Your Needs
  • Data Base Access And Dynamic Interaction
  • Variety and flexibility (XHTML/HTML5|CCS/CSS3|Javascript|PHP|Jquery|Cake PHP|Ruby on Rails, and more)

Technical Support

We take care of their computer problems, we have support and technical assistance, we provide scheduled maintenance and advise our clients on the technological innovations that best suit your business.